Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration !

Course Duration : 1 Year.

This courses recognized by Govt. Maharashtra State: As MVSM got permission on non granted basis for this course we are not in position to compete with the colleges who are running this course in granted pattern.
Interior design & decoration. Recognized by Vocational Technical Board: Dr. Vikas Abnave insisted for this vocational course and Bapusaheb Abnave, Vilas Abnave also took interest in commencement of this course . Application was forwarded to Director of Technical Vocational Education Maharashtra State. MVSM got the permission of batch of 20 students for interior decoration. For 2 consecutive years the permission is renewed but we are not getting sufficient admission for this course.

Rules of Passing:

In order to complete any course successfully. Students not completing course / courses successfully will be required to reappear for the concerned end examination and improve their class therein.

Admission Procedure:


Admission to the Interior Decoration programme is open to all citizens of India who have completed H.S.C.