Drawing And Painting

Drawing And Painting !

Course Duration : 4 years.

Rules of Passing:

In order to complete any course successfully. Students not completing course / courses successfully will be required to reappear for the concerned end examination and improve their class therein.

Admission Procedure:


Admission to the Drawing and Painting programme is open to all citizens of India who have completed Foundation.


First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year


  • Drawing (Life, Nature, Man-Made Objects)
  • Drawing (Memory)
  • Drawing (Perspective)
  • Painting ( Head study from life)
  • Painting (Still-life)
  • 2D-Design
  • Print-Making
  • History of Western Art


  • Drawing from Life with Anatomy
  • Painting from life
  • Pictorial Design
  • Paint making Theory
  • Paint making Practical
  • History of Art
  • Aesthetics


  • Drawing (life)
  • Drawing (Anatomy and Outdoor Studies)
  • Painting (Full Figure)
  • Painting (Portrait)
  • Pictorial Composition
  • Print Making
  • History of Art
  • Aesthetics


  • Portrait Or Print Making
  • Composition - Representational Or Non-Representational
  • Dissertation
  • Class Work