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Maharashtra Vidyarthi Sahayyak Mandal is having privilege to welcome all the students and parents at our website. This is one of the educational Institute in Maharashtra State who started the functional ability in 1927 i.e. before freedom of India. Initially Late Mr. P.T.Raut, Late B.T.Raut, Late Mr. Shankarrao Turekar, Late S.R.Bhosale, Late S.A. Pote, Late N.N. Shinde, Late A.G. Sonavane were the founder of MVSM.

Vidya vikas vasatigruha was the first activity initiated by MVSM for the depressed class students. In course of time, demands from parents of hostel students was for middle school and high school, considering this Ashok Vidyalaya was established in 1964. From this point the ball started rolling and today MVSM is the only educational Institute in Maharashtra State who is having pleasure of conducting 444 different academic streams.
The pathway was difficult but the commitment was of high social and ethical values. Our institute is having goal of becoming " Shikshan Maharashis " and not " Shikshan Samrats ". In the modern era of globalization, privatization and generalizations student is the product in education industry. We are thankful to almighty God as our pioneers and our new generations are having different mind set and for us student is a software and Institute is the Software Designer. We believe that people having vision will defiantly understand the difference between the commercial market and the committed Institute. As a secretary of MVSM, once again appreciate you and thankful to you for visiting out website.

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We're making a Difference

11 Jane
At 11:00 am
MVSM promises to provide refined and state of the art facilities and infrastructure with various activity areas and other facilities.
12 January
At 2:00 pm
It has a large existing campus and is growing every year to enable students to spend maximum time in an open environment.
22 January
At 1:30 pm
MVSM has various laboratories and dedicated spaces for: Mathematics, Computers, Science, Library, Dance and Music, Art and Craft, etc

How We Work

Choose your course

MVSM is having pleasure of conducting 444 different academic streams along with number of different Courses.

Step 1
Step 2

Attempt a Exam

A cycle test of all the work done during the week for a subject and is conducted at the end of the day, every day. This ensures a thorough revision of the concepts taught during school in that week for particular subject.

Take a Course Certificate

Once the final result will be declared, those who completed the cource will take a Course Certificate.

Step 3

Community Life


You're welcome to all our events. We would love to see you there!


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